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Earnings estimates, for example, involve ex-ante … Ante hoc an´tā hōk . Buying a lottery ticket loses you money ex ante (in expectation), but if you win, it was the right decision ex post. ante; akin to Greek antí, Old English and-against, toward, opposite. antebellum (non-productive) In front of in space. Ex post definition, based on analysis of past performance (opposed to ex ante). ân´tē hak. Source: Guide to Latin in International Law Author(s): Aaron X. Fellmeth, Maurice Horwitz “Before this.”Occurring before the event in question. So, I’m going to help you out with your forensic crime solving vocab by shedding some knowledge on the terms: ‘post-, peri-, and ante– mortem,’ and why these distinctions are important. Not to be confused with anti-. ante-(non-productive) Prior to in time. Learn more. Ex-ante is used most commonly in the commercial world, where results of a particular action, or series of actions, are forecast in advance (or intended). Compare with Ante factum. In the financial world it’s often a prediction of a return on an investment. Ex-ante performance attribution analysis, also known as risk-based performance attribution analysis, uses a portfolio’s factor exposures to determine expected returns. See more. Ante-post definition: In gambling , ante-post bets are placed before the day of a particular race or... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples They mean, literally, before the middle of the day (morning) and after the middle of the day (afternoon and evening). adj. or adv. [< Latin, prefixal form of preposition and adv. The words are ante-meridiem (am) and post-meridiem (pm). Let’s start! Ante-post betting, unlike starting price betting, carries the additional risk that the original bet will be forfeited, rather than returned, if the wagered horse fails to run. ‘the ante-post favourite’ ‘Then came the victory with Celestial Gold, who ironically was seen as a reserve for Johnson and Pipe's original first choice, Our Vic, the ante-post favourite for the race until he had to be withdrawn early last week with a muscle injury.’ antechamber anterior; Usage notes . "Ex-ante" essentially involves any type of prediction ahead of an event, or before market participants become aware of the pertinent facts. See answer, and, anti-] ex ante definition: 1. calculated or existing before a particular event: 2. calculated or existing before a particular…. Ex Ante means before the event, and is basically a prediction of something. Ante-mortem injuries are injuries that happen to the bone while a being is still alive. The opposite of ex-ante is ex-post (actual) (or ex post). Ex Post means after the event, and means something that is settled after the event actually happens. Synonyms (prior to in time): pre-(in front of in space): fore-Antonyms (prior to in time): post-(in front of in space): post-Derived terms [1] The ante in ante-post is derived from the Latin ante (meaning "before"), but the post is not the Latin post (meaning "after"). This is in contrast to ex-post analysis , which is based on the correlation of actual performance to factor returns.
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